Villa Costa Monto

Temecula Wine Villa

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Villa CostaMonto owners and proprietors, Pat and Gabriela Costantini, for many years had a dream to have a country home as a weekend getaway for their family and friends. In 2001, Pat and Gabriela spent an extended summer vacation in the southern Italian region of Puglia and the Spanish  region of Terragona. During the vacation, the two were taken by the Italian and Spanish terrain full of vineyards, fruit tree orchards, and olive groves.

Upon their return from the vacation, Pat and Gabriela solidified their decision to locate their country dreamhome. After several months of scouring southern California country properties, the couple found the Temecula acreage where now rests Villa CostaMonto.

Needless to say, the work only started in 2001 after Pat and Gabriela purchased the acreage. Over the years that followed, the development continued as the acreage was transformed into a European-style country residence with a vineyard, orchard ,olive grove and recreational facilities. In parallel, the main residence, patio, vineyard grotto, guest residence and garage were constructed. To honor their family surnames (Costantini and Montoya), the couple christened their country villa with the name "Costa-Monto."